10 Best Horror Games Ever

best horror games

From the pulse-pounding gorefests to the psychological horrors, there are so many horror games for you to sink your teeth into, but which ones are worth your time – and your sanity?

In this list, we’re breaking down the 10 best horror games ever from days gone by. They’re some of the top horror games ever, and they’re guaranteed to have you reaching for the pause button and switching on the lights.

It’s okay, just pretend you’re not scared – it usually works.

Best Horror Games Ever

Here’s our list of the best horror games you’ll ever play – enjoy! *Insert evil laugh here*

1. Maid of Sker

Maid of Sker was released in 2020 and quickly became known as being one of the scariest games ever made. It features gorgeous visuals and a beautiful soundtrack but it’s easily one of the most intense games you’ll ever play. In Maid of Sker, even breathing can put you in the sights of bloodthirsty creatures roaming the stunning environment of an abandoned Welsh hotel.

2. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 (2001) is an absolute classic – a true horror game that fans of the genre simply must play. It’s arguably the defining game of the series that has gone on to spawn many more titles, and it’s equal parts physically threatening and psychologically taxing. It’s a solid title to play if you’re hunting for one of the best horror games ever.

3. Outlast

Outlast – and the follow-up titles – is a terrifying experience that’ll have you pausing to catch your breath following one of the game’s many jumpscares. It’s one of those games that leaves you incapable of fighting against what’s hunting you, and all you can do instead is run and hide, which often results in you sitting on the edge of your seat with your heart pounding in your chest.

4. Resident Evil: Biohazard

Biohazard might not have felt like a typical Resident Evil game, but thanks to the title’s lore, it was steeped in history and embedded in the overall RE timeline. In Biohazard, players must contend with some of the most chilling enemies in RE history, fighting through a story that’s equal parts graphically violent and psychologically thrilling. It’s a top-tier RE game and one of the best horror games ever concocted.

5. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a desperately intense game wherein one decision can be the difference between a core character living or facing a horrific and brutal death. It’s a choice-and-consequence game that arguably popularised the genre in the modern era, introducing players to a true horror game that can end in dozens of different ways.

6. The Last of Us

If you don’t think The Last of Us is a horror game, then you haven’t played it. It is riddled with jumpscares, terrifying enemies, and heart-pounding sequences made more terrifying by the constant, looming threat of the post-apocalyptic setting. If you’ve never come face-to-face with a Clicker, you obviously haven’t played one of the best horror games ever made.

7. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia has had a few titles spawn in the series but none have been quite as scary as the first title, which was released way back in 2010. In The Dark Descent, players must contend with some of the most unexpected, effective jumpscares ever featured in a game, and they can quite literally occur around any corner.

8. The Mortuary Assistant

The Mortuary Assistant was popularised by streamers who wanted to be scared out of their mind during a broadcast, and it did that job quite well. In this particular horror game, players are charged with working in a mortuary (obviously) and preparing bodies for what comes next, but with some of the most mind-bending jumpscares popping up in the most unexpected places, it’s a non-stop thrill ride of intensity.

9. P.T.

P.T. was a demo that was supposed to advertise Hideo Kojima’s ‘Silent Hills’ game, but it was never meant to be. While the full game was never released, players spent hours poring over P.T. – ‘Playable Teaser’ – which was released with no instructions, no guide, and no direction. However, it was one of the most chilling games ever released, and it had the internet ablaze for a few days when it dropped.

10. Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a 2010 title with one of the most creative settings ever written. It’s a powerful game that makes you think, but it’s also capable of freaking you out with ease. It’s more action-driven than some of the games on this list, but it’s still studded with jumpscares and some sweat-inducing sequences. It’s definitely one of the best horror games ever.

What do you think about our list? If you’ve got a better horror game, leave it in the comments!

  1. Where the hell is Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem on here? You uncultured swine. Do your homework before making a list & posting it on line. That game ALONE is far more frightening than half the entries in your uneducated list…>_>

  2. I love Heavy Rain, it’s about a serial killer who kidnaps young boys and locks them in a sewer during heavy rainstorms and they drown

  3. REmake > Silent Hill 2
    Re2 > Last of Us (as far as a horror game is concerned)
    Alien Isolation?
    PT was a cancelled project – but it inspired Visage
    Maid of Sker is okay, but it doesn’t Grace the top 10, let alone #1 of all time. Not even close. Lol. It’s just a mid indie horror game

  4. Some of these games like ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘Alan Wake’ don’t even belong on this list, but there’s no mention whatsoever of the horror classic ‘Dead Space.’

    Also, Amnesia should be higher up.

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