Top 10 Things GTA 6 Should Bring Back

top 10 things gta 6

GTA 6 is poised to be the biggest game of all time. It has been more than a decade since GTA V was released, and fans of the legendary franchise are hungry for more. Despite several leaks making it to the surface, very little is known about the final product that Rockstar will deliver – whenever it decides to deliver it. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 things GTA 6 should bring back.

It’s a GTA wishlist of sorts. There are some things in the history of the franchise that we’re just so eager to see resurface.

10 Things GTA 6 Should Revive

Let us know in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to see return to Grand Theft Auto in GTA 6.

1. Euphoria

It doesn’t have to be the same engine, but Euphoria made GTA IV feel so much more realistic, especially when it came to the NPCs taking fire or the weightier feel of cars when they were being driven. This was lost in GTA V, so it’d be good to see GTA 6 be more realistic in the realm of physics.

2. Character Customisation

In San Andreas, players could customise the protagonist – Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson – much more than in any other game. They could tweak his hair, tattoos, clothing, muscle definition, and even how people viewed and respected him on the street. We need that back.

3. Get a Job

Okay, so it wasn’t technically getting a job, but in older Grand Theft Auto games, players could assume the role of a firefighter, paramedic, and even a police officer. It allowed them to unlock some bonuses and kill time, and it would be great to see similar content resurface in GTA 6.

4. Turf War

In GTA San Andreas, kicking off a gang war to secure turf was always entertaining. With enough effort, a player could take over most of the in-game map – and then defend that turf. I’m not sure if GTA 6 could facilitate something like this, but I’d be happy to take anything over and gain some benefits from it.

5. Expansions

GTA IV had The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, Red Dead Redemption had Undead Nightmare, but GTA V had absolutely nothing. I’d love to see some additional content added post-launch to GTA 6. It’s one thing that has always confused fans of GTA V – why was there never any extra content added?

6. Property

In GTA Online, players can buy plenty of properties – including businesses. I’d love to see that make a bold return as one of the top 10 things GTA 6 should feature – let us invest in businesses like in GTA V and purchase penthouses, apartments, and garages like in GTA Online, and customise them. In San Andreas, you could own dozens of properties.

7. Crime

That might seem like a silly thing to highlight, but I’d love to see more criminal activities surface in GTA 6. If I’m going to be the bad guy (and girl) then I want to commit some diverse crimes. I want to burgle homes, break into cars, hold people up and steal their valuables, and even carry out some pettier crimes – perhaps Rockstar could let us spray tags around the map again, huh?

8. Fun with Friends

Let’s get back in the bowling alleys and the nightclubs, let’s go back on dates with love interests, and let’s go to a comedy club and take in a show. In GTA IV, we could do all of that and more, and it always made Liberty City feel quite alive, despite the game itself being quite morbid and gritty. It even featured Ricky Gervais in a stand-up role.

9. Duke it Out

GTA San Andreas let the player learn a range of hand-to-hand fighting styles in gyms dotted around the map. In GTA IV, the protagonist was ex-military, so his combat skills were top-notch, but a hand-to-hand fight felt satisfying, weighty, and at times, quite challenging. Let’s have that back in GTA 6 – give us realistic hand-to-hand combat abilities that we can upgrade over time.

10. Bizarre Cheats

It might not be one of the top 10 things GTA 6 needs, but it’s something that many gamers would love to see. Look at San Andreas – it featured dozens of cheat codes, some of which were absolutely bizarre, but they were really fun to enable. Sure, they’ve basically been replaced by mods in this day and age, but kooky cheat codes were always entertaining.

  1. Almost all of these are already in gta v. And the driving in IV was terrible and boring. Nobody wants realism in gta driving.

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