GTA 6 To Feature ‘Crime-Free’ Mode, Sources Claim

gta 6 crime free

It has been exclusively revealed by sources close to Insider Gaming that Grand Theft Auto 6 – which is in development as we speak – will feature a never-before-seen ‘crime-free’ mode from the moment it launches.

At the moment, details are relatively sparse, but it appears that the crime-free mode will be something that the player can activate in-game at any given point, like GTA Online or Red Dead Online’s ‘Passive Mode’, but it’ll completely change the face of the game.

Will You Play GTA 6 Without Committing Crimes?

Reportedly, in details handed over by trusted sources, enabling GTA 6’s crime-free mode will be as simple as flipping a switch, but it’ll lock the player almost exclusively into respectable, legitimate behaviour for as long as that session lasts.

It was said that weapons will be inaccessible, violent actions (such as attacking civilians) won’t be possible, and there are even planned features that will make driving a more ‘legalised’ process. It’s thought that vehicles will come with speed restrictions and ‘lane-keep assist’ mechanics that prevent the player from swerving off the road.

Not only that, but while the crime-free mode is enabled, certain modes, missions, and tasks cannot be activated, and those that can be activated must be completed – you guessed it – without breaking any crimes.

Entering a race? You’ll be bound by speed limits. Caught up in a gunfight? You’d best be good at running from cover to cover, as you won’t be able to whip out any of your trusty weapons.

Finally, it was noted that there will be ‘enhanced rewards’ for participating in peaceful and neutral side activities while the crime-free mode is turned on, similar to the ‘Good Behaviour’ rewards in GTA Online. This means that skills and unlocks will come thick and fast if you’re mowing the lawn, farming, or walking dogs while under the influence of the crime-free mechanics.

There are early rumours that special, bonus mini-missions will appear when the mode is activated, allowing players to help old folks across the road, carry people’s groceries for them, or offer to tie someone’s loose shoelaces.

For an exclusive look at GTA 6 no crime gameplay, click here.

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  1. Read the whole thing, clicked the link and then immediately remembered what day it was.

    Well played good sir

    Well played

  2. This mode already exists in GTA V online. Its called Passive mode and it restricts access to guns, purposely harming NPCs, and missions/ events while the mode is enabled. This is not new, they’ve just ‘rebranded’ the name…

  3. I just knew what to expect when I saw the link at the bottom of the article… Well played!

  4. I just love the game the game is amazing I mean it y’all guys doing a good job I wish I had this game on my Xbox One but my controller f***** up

  5. I cant believe i read everybit of this article in full belief, just to be rick rolled at the end. I feel completely fooled, April fooled.

  6. Woke (crimeless) GTA can only increase the chances of influencing negatively due to being closer to the reality of people’s lives and allowing people to switch to bezerk mode any time. I don’t believe it is any good to nurture such behavior.

  7. Oh this is gonna blow up big time. Their little policy of ways you can ruin another players gaming experience in a criminal world is nothing short of democratic

  8. I just got rolled in front of my wife and kids, full volume. They all knew what happened. I won’t forget this, Grant!!

  9. This sounds dumb as f. This is what happens when the original creators of a game or series are all replaced with people who are just standing on their shoulders, and from the looks of this, passing on their heads.

  10. And so it begins first the female character then no prostitution no nudity now this no violence I’m telling GTA will go woke

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