All Launch MWIII (2023) SMGs, Ranked

There are few weapons that can take you from full health to the Kill Cam screen quicker than an SMG, making it a very viable option for short and medium-range engagements. With its high fire rate, it can be the difference maker between life and death in any match. Here are all of the launch SMGs in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ranked from worst to best.

6. WSP-9

The biggest perk of the WSP-9 is its incredible accuracy, which can make it a good alternative to an Assault Rifle at close range if you’re very controlled with your aiming. However, it doesn’t have the fastest fire rate which means another SMG could outgun you so there is that to be aware of. Like other SMGs on this list, by using the WSP Infiltrator Integrated barrel you can remain hidden on the minimap. The magazine can be upgraded to 32 rounds with the 32-round Mag, which can be the difference maker in a fight.

5. WSP Swarm

The WSP Swarm is the second WSP SMG on this list and it unlocks at level 27. While this isn’t the best SMG on this list by any means, its devastatingly high rate of fire can make it a great option for run-and-gun players, especially when paired with the right attachments. Its biggest allure is the 100 Round Drum attachment, meaning that you are extremely unlikely to run out of ammo during an engagement. The Monolithic Suppressor S attachment will improve recoil while also keeping you hidden on the minimap, meaning you can rain down bullets on your opponents without anyone else being aware of it. If you want a more traditional SMG there are better options, but this could suit some players.

4. Striker 9

The Striker 9 shares a similar name to another SMG on this list, but don’t get the two confused as they both offer different pros and cons. The Striker 9 is one of the earlier weapons you will unlock at just level 4, and it can become a good option due to its low recoil, but there are better options out there. Attachments such as the HMRES Mod Suppressor S, Striker Stubby Barrel, 40 Round Mag, Sakin ZX Grip, and Slimline Pro provide a more stable weapon that keeps you hidden from the minimap, while also providing an incredibly large magazine so you can take down your opponent without worrying about your ammo.

3. Rival-9

The Rival 9 is unlockable at level 25 and suits an aggressive playstyle due to its rapid-fire capabilities, however, it does suffer from low range and bad recoil, which can be tamed through various attachments. By using the Rival 38-E Fire Starter Barrel you can turn the Rival-9 into a close-quarters titan with improvements to ADS, sprint speed, sprint to fire, and mobility improvements. It does come with some recoil and aiming stability losses, but those can be made up with the Rival Vice Assault Grip. If you’re on a tight map with a lot of close engagements, this is the SMG you need in your loadout.

2. AMR9

The AMR9 is one of the final weapons that you will unlock as you have to get all the way to level 55 in order to acquire it. Where this SMG shines is it’s close to mid-range engagements where it will take your opponent from full health to the Kill Cam in no time at all. Because of this, focusing on improving damage and speed will elevate the AMR9 further by using attachments such as the 9MM High Grain Rounds, AMR9 Commando Pro Barrel, and the VLK LZR 7MW to improve ADS, damage, and movement speed. These do affect the recoil but this can be negated with the FTAC MSP-98 Handstop and Sakin ZX Grip.

1. Striker

Previously known as the UMP45, the Striker is arguably the best SMG in Call of Duty and it is no exception with Modern Warfare 3. Despite being nerfed during the beta, it is still the SMG that you should be using if you want this weapon class in your loadout. Depending on the map and game mode you will likely be choosing between an Assault Rifle and SMG as your primary weapon. Adding attachments such as the Striker Recon Long Barrel will help to improve range and bullet velocity, and the Lachmann Nemesis-10 Stock and Xten Phantom-5 Handstop will improve speed and ADS.

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