5 Funniest GTA Cars Ever

Although the GTA series is known for its gang-based missions and in-depth storylines about the protagonist building their criminal empire, you will spend more time driving than anything else the game has to offer. This has helped to contribute to the franchise’s overall success, with GTA 5 still being one of the most popular titles today despite being released a decade ago. The GTA series often models its cars off real-world counterparts with some slight changes to avoid licensing. But, sometimes Rockstar Games just decides to create some wacky cars that you will never find in the real world, whether that’s by design or the paint job that is on it. Here are the five funniest GTA cars ever.

5. Tornado Rat Rod (GTA Online)

The Tornado Rat Rod is an unusual-looking vehicle, with the back half being an old rusted muscle car, while the front is unfinished and just the engine. Rockstar Games went through a phase of adding incredibly weird vehicles to GTA Online, which certainly kept things fresh. The Tornado Rat Rod could be purchased for $348,000 but it was unfortunately removed during the San Andreas Mercenaries update, meaning unless you’ve already purchased it, it will be inaccessible now.

4. BF Raptor (GTA Online)

The BF Raptor is an incredibly weird-looking vehicle, with it looking like half of a car with a wheel attached to the back. This trike was added to the game in 2016 and could be purchased for $648,000, but it was unfortunately removed during the San Andreas Mercenaries update. This means that unless you purchased it previously and have it stored in your garage you won’t be able to access it anymore.

3. Space Docker (GTA 5/GTA Online)

The Space Docker is one of the wackiest vehicles found in GTA 5 and is great to use for off-road driving. It can be unlocked in GTA 5 by finding all of the spaceship parts as Franklin. Once you have discovered the final one and watched the cutscene you will receive it and then it will spawn outside of Franklin’s home. While it is given to Franklin, you can transfer it to Michael or Trevor by driving it to their current location and then switching characters and getting in the vehicle and driving it to their garage, which then attaches the Space Docker to that character instead. In GTA Online it can be unlocked during the Arena Wars update by reaching sponsorship tier 500.

2. Zebra Cab (GTA Vice City)

The Zebra Cab is a variation of the traditional cab that can be found in Vice City and it just screams 70s and 80s fashion. It is cheesy and tacky and that gives it its charm. The Zebra Cab appears during the Kauffman Cabs missions where the owner tries to kill you and you must take him out. After completing the final cab mission it will spawn outside of the cab office and be driveable whenever you want.

1. Alex’s Dog’z (GTA San Andreas)

Alex’s Dog’z Hotdog vehicles can be found across GTA San Andreas and will sell CJ a hotdog in order to replenish his health. The vehicle is based on the VW Bus Vanagon and it doesn’t look like it takes cleanliness too seriously. It features a rather crude tagline of “1 Foot of Pure Meat,” which sums up the type of humor that Rockstar Games likes to put in its titles.

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