GTA Online: Huge ‘San Andreas Mercenaries’ Update Coming Early

san andreas mercenaries update

It was revealed by Rockstar Games that the sizeable summer update for GTA Online will be dropping earlier than usual this year, which has – for some reason – prompted fans to believe that it’s because a GTA 6 reveal is on the horizon. On June 13th, the ‘San Andreas Mercenaries’ update is set to drop, and it’s poised to be one of the biggest GTA Online updates to surface in recent years.

In promotional shots for the San Andreas Mercenaries update, Rockstar has teased an action-packed thriller of a series, with players joining forces with ‘a renegade outfit’ to wage war against Merryweather – and other assorted adversaries.

What’s In The San Andreas Mercenaries Update?

Launching June 13th, the San Andreas Mercenaries update for GTA Online is shaping up to be something special for those still playing the game. Despite having launched a decade ago, GTA Online still remains a cash cow for Rockstar Games, and it’s still dramatically popular today.

In this update, players can kick off events in the Mammoth Avenger, which has been converted into an aerial command centre. There will be all-new missions to take on as players ‘take flight alongside a team of elite and ex-military operators to do battle against the monolithic forces of San Andreas’ largest private military’.

san andreas mercenaries update

There’s a brand new, rapid-fire tactical SMG coming to GTA Online, as well as a series of changes and quality-of-life improvements – some of which should have been introduced years ago.

For instance, players will finally have the ability to utilise a ‘hold to sprint’ option that’ll avoid the need to furiously tap a button to pick up speed while on foot. They’ll also be able to claim all destroyed vehicles from Mors Mutual in a single sweep. There will be custom tagging options introduced for owned vehicles, more cars will become eligible for ‘Taxi Work’ missions, and in the Creator mode, more props and weather features are being added.

Reportedly, there’s a lot more on the way, with Rockstar Games promising that ‘many experience improvements inspired by direct feedback from the community’ are incoming. There’s a lot more coming in the San Andreas Mercenaries update, though – we’ll know more in the coming days.

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