LEGO Officially Teases Fortnite Crossover Event

New Fortnite Game Modes

LEGO has taken to Twitter to officially tease the LEGO x Fortnite crossover event that has been rumored for a number of weeks.

The first rumors of a LEGO x Fortnite event circulated earlier this month, but now LEGO has officially tweeted confirming that some form of event will be happening soon.

Although official details are still unclear, according to the rumors, the new event will see Fortnite players playing as actual LEGO figures, while gameplay will be centered around mining and crafting.

The new LEGO x Fortnite event will be a part of three new gamemodes coming to Fortnite in December, with the LEGO event taking place on December 7.

In addition to the new events, Eminem will also be making his way to the game as a live concert event on December 2.

It’s also been heavily rumored that a Doctor Who x Fortnite collaboration could soon be taking place, too.

Although not confirmed officially, it’s expected the event would likely come to celebrate 60 years of Doctor Who, which was first aired in November 1963.

At the end of November 2023, a special three-part series of Doctor Who will air which will see David Tennant reprise his role of the Doctor.

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