Eminem Will Feature ‘Big Bang’ Fortnite Live Event

Eminem will feature in the finale of Fortnite Season 4 as a part of the ‘Big Bang’ live event.

That’s according to reputable Fortnite dataminers and leakers who have found details on what the Big Bang event will entail on December 2, 2023.

According to leaked files, Eminem will be performing a concert, in a similar fashion to previous concerns from Travis Scott and Marshmello. The concert will conclude with the Fortnite map once again changing.

Two different skins have been found for Eminem, one named Slim Shady, with the other being named Marshal Mathers No More. According to Fortnite leaker @HYPEX, the new event will be the biggest one to date at an impressive 1.5GB+ in size.

You can see the official image for Eminem x Fortnite from HYPEX below:

In addition to Eminem making his way to Fortnite, the new event will also see several new modes coming to the season. One previously leaked event will be Fortnite x LEGO, which is expected to be released on December 7th.

In addition, a new Fortnite Rhythm mode will be coming to the game, which will see the likes of Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, and Imagine Dragons come to the game. The current list of artists are songs are:

  • Lady Gaga – Pokerface
  • Linkin Park – Numb
  • Toto – Africa
  • Imagine Dragons – Thunder
  • Alice Cooper – Poison
  • Fortnite Music Packs

According to the rumors, the new Rhythm mode is expected to launch on December 7.

What do you think of Eminem coming to Fortnite as a part of the ‘Big Bang’ live event? Let us know in the comments below.

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