Fortnite Is Age-Restricting Skins, Islands, And More

Fortnite Age Restricting Skins

Fortnite has started age-restricting various skins, islands, and more within the game. Every island and cosmetic item in the game will have its own ESRB-like age rating that can be blocked via parental controls.

Epic Games announced the new “feature” via a post on the game’s website on Thursday.

“Starting today, every experience (“island”) published in Fortnite will display its own age and content rating,” Epic Games said. “This is to help parents and players make informed play decisions about the thousands of games and other experiences in Fortnite!”

Epic continued: “While there are thousands of Fortnite cosmetics available for all experiences, a small portion are not compatible with E or E10+ (or regionally equivalent) game ratings. In these cases, players will notice a new icon in their Locker and in the Item Shop indicating which Outfits and accessories cannot be equipped inside islands below a certain ratings threshold.”

Should a player have one of the age-restricted items equipped on an island that is below the threshold, it well appear as one that’s compatible with its rating. 

As far as what skins have been age-restricted, it’s quite a list. Skins like Agent Peely, Lara Croft, Doctor Doom, Black Widow, Cable, and more. Based on the decisions, any skin that involves anything with guns — in a game where shooting is a primary mechanic of the experience — is victim to the restrictions.

Even things like music packs and loading skins can be restricted in Fortnite.

The restrictions also extend back to anything purchased during a player’s history. That means that a skin that someone paid for years ago could become unusable in a mode that a player had been playing regularly up until the update went live.

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