Xbox Still Planning For Call of Duty To Come To Xbox Game Pass

Call of Duty Xbox Game Pass

Xbox is still planning to bring Call of Duty to Xbox Game Pass, including day one releases.

In an interview with Stephen Totilo, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that the plan remains for the company to bring all Activision Blizzard games, including Call of Duty, to its premium subscription service. It’s just still working on the plans for doing so.

“Our intent is the full portfolio of games from ZeniMax, Activision Blizzard and XGS—Xbox Game Studios—will be on Game Pass, day one,” Spencer said.

As of now, no Call of Duty games are available on the service. With 20 mainline games available, there’s quite a back catalog of games that fans are eagerly awaiting to play either again or, in some cases, for the very first time.

The first Activision Blizzard game set to come to the service is Diablo 4, which will be available on March 28.

The next Call of Duty, which has yet to be officially announced, is slated to take place during the Gulf War and feature a more open-world campaign.

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