Hell Let Loose 2024 Roadmap Revealed

hell let loose

Hell Let Loose is one of the most immersive, realistic shooters on the market, and it’s typically reserved for the most hardcore FPS fans. It’s the type of game that doesn’t hold your hand, putting you amid vast maps littered with blood-curdling skirmishes and forcing you to team up to survive and win each round.

It’s easily one of the best World War II shooters out there, and earlier today, a full 2024 roadmap for the game was published online.

Hell Let Loose in 2024

Recently, Hell Let Loose was added (again) to Xbox Game Pass, prompting a surge in popularity as thousands of gamers downloaded it as part of their paid-for subscription. It watered down the game a bit, with veterans complaining about vast swathes of inexperienced players flooding their matches – but enough time has passed since then that the novice players have either got to grips with the game or moved on to something easier.

In a ‘non-exhaustive’ roadmap revealed on Twitter, it was confirmed that Hell Let Loose will be getting a bunch of new content through 2024:

  • Skirmish, an all-new game mode
  • Mortain, a new map
  • Addition of a console ‘server browser’
  • Changeable weather conditions and map variants
  • Three new tanks: Churchill MK VII, MK III, and M3 Honey
  • Refresh existing maps and add ‘time of day variants’
  • Rework of British forces
  • Deployment of new, unannounced map
  • Free and paid DLC

Beneath the post on Twitter, Hell Let Loose’s social team confirmed that there are no plans to introduce crossplay elements between console and PC players at the moment. It was also confirmed that the first elements of the roadmap – such as the Skirmish game mode – are just ‘ a matter of weeks away’.

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