World of Warcraft on Console Isn’t Off The Table, Blizzard Reveals

world of warcraft on consoles

It was recently revealed through a discussion with the VP and executive producer of World of Warcraft that the concept of bringing the ever-popular MMO to consoles isn’t off the table. For almost twenty years, World of Warcraft has effortlessly dominated the MMORPG market, and recently, an all-new trio of expansions was revealed that will effectively see the game kick off another two decades of storytelling.

‘We Talk About It All The Time’

In a brief interview published in GamesRadar, Blizzard’s Holly Longdale spoke about the future of World of Warcraft, touching on the idea that the franchise would one day find its way to consoles. In one line, here’s how Longdale reacted to that concept:

Of course! Yeah, we talk about it all the time.

In recent weeks, Microsoft successfully closed on its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which means that the tech titan now owns World of Warcraft. During the discussion with GamesRadar, Longdale stressed that there aren’t even too many technical complexities holding back the act of porting World of Warcraft over to consoles, stating that the team is ‘pretty well positioned’, and that’s apparently why it’s even open for discussion.

However, Longdale did break away from that dreamy idea by bringing everyone back to reality, highlighting that the all-new ‘Worldsoul Saga’ will have teams occupied for a few years, most likely – but never say never.

We’ve got these three expansions and we are so excited about them. But, yeah, of course. It would be very insincere to say that we’re not, like… of course we’re talking about that. We are Microsoft now.

Would you like to see World of Warcraft – or at least some version of it – released on consoles? Or should this epic MMO franchise stay locked in exclusively on PC platforms?

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