’20 More Years’ of World of Warcraft Starts With The Worldsoul Saga

the worldsoul saga

During BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard announced The Worldsoul Saga, a three-part expansion series that’ll broaden the World of Warcraft universe and pave the path for the next ‘twenty years’ of storytelling to take place. It begins in 2024 with The War Within, which was just revealed in one of the highest-quality CG trailers I’ve ever seen, and then the other two expansions will be released over the next few years.

It’s a hugely ambitious undertaking that prepares players to stay engaged and entertained but World of Warcraft for at least another two decades.

The Worldsoul Saga is Coming

In one of the most beautiful trailers I’ve ever seen, The War Within was revealed, and it’s coming in 2024:

The Worldsoul Saga was revealed by Chris Metzen, the executive creative director of the entire Warcraft universe. He explained that The War Within will be an exploration of the Nerubian Empire, while the second expansion, Midnight, will take players to Quel’thalas to battle The Void. Finally, there’s The Last Titan, which will see WoW players venture to Northrend to learn about the secret-laden history of the Titans of Azeroth.

In 2024, World of Warcraft turns 20 years old — it has been stressed that The Worldsoul Saga is a bridge point between the last twenty years and the next twenty years of storytelling, so expect it to be fantastically written.

Are you excited about this expansion trio?

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