Diablo 4 First Expansion: ‘Vessel of Hatred’ Trailer Released

diablo first expansion

Diablo 4’s first expansion was just revealed during BlizzCon 2023, with the announcement going hand-in-hand with a far too short trailer that reveals what’s coming in ‘late 2024’ – that’s right, there’s a year to wait for this expansion. There’s not much to go on at the moment, but we’re assured that more details are on the way soon.

Nostalgia Is The Best

There’s not a whole lot to take away from the reveal, aside from the fact that the graphically pleasing trailer showcases a throwback sequence to Diablo 2 (2000). In the trailer, which doesn’t even last one minute, we’re taken back to the jungles of Torajan while being serenaded by the gravelly tones of Mephisto.

Here’s the trailer, in case you’re interested:

In something of a breakdown, the Production Director of Diablo 4, Tiffany Wat, explained that Vessel of Hatred will feature a ‘completely new class never seen before in the Diablo universe’, so that’s a bonus and something to look forward to, even if we do have to wait around a year for Blizzard to drop this expansion.

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