Warzone Player Health And AI Stronghold Changes Coming Season 4

warzone 2 resurgence map

Insider Gaming sources have revealed that the latest patch update, which will be a part of Warzone Season 4 will include a player health increase and changes to Stronghold AI.

It’s understood that Strongholds will be getting some major changes in Season 4, which include:

  • The removal of AI
  • Strongholds become active during Infil
  • Enemy players will be able to see the UAV radius and can recapture the Stronghold.
  • Inactive Strongholds with White Supply Boxes are also highlighted on the TacMap,

In addition to the Stronghold changes, player health will be increased from 100 to 150. This will bring the total health of a player to 300HP with armor.

Insider Gaming also understands that the “Rejoin” feature, which will allow players to reconnect to the game if they get disconnected will also be rolling out in Season 4.

We’ve already covered the new roadmap for Season 4, breaking down everything that’s coming with Season 04, from the new multiplayer maps and weapons to the new (and returning) operators and modes.

You can check out the new Warzone map trailer, Vondel, below:

Vondel would likely offer up a stark contrast to both Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Both of these maps are considerably rural – with some built-up areas. By comparison, Vondel would likely be made up of a close-knit network of canals, streets, and residential areas. It would need to be something completely different from Al Mazrah for it to be a success, as nobody really wants more of the same.

Are you looking forward to Warzone Season 4?

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  1. WTF… right now looks like you shoot rubberbands because it takes 3 mags to down an enemy… Now you would need halfo 9f your ammo plus 7 granades to down enemies.. This is a joke

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