Infinity Ward to Reveal DMZ and Warzone 2 This Week

In a series of tweets, Call of Duty creator ModernWarzone has revealed that there will be an in-person event this week to reveal Warzone 2 and DMZ.

Several other YouTubers have also confirmed that they will be attending an event next week, with footage being uploaded on Wednesday.

Insider Gaming heard last week that invites for an in-person event had been sent out, but couldn’t report on the news as it came from unverified sources or secondhand accounts.

It’s understood that the DMZ, known as the Deployment Zone will take place on Warzone 2’s map Al Mazrah. The Deployment Zone will be Call of Duty’s take on extraction-based gamemodes like Escape From Tarkov, but official details have been slim since its formal announcement at COD NEXT.

In the tweets, ModernWarzone said, “Everything I’ve seen and heard about DMZ from behind the scenes has me extremely excited for the newest game mode in Call of Duty. Excited to see it revealed to the world.”.

In another tweet, ModernWarzone also seemingly confirmed that loadout drops are back in Warzone 2 after early playtests and the COD NEXT event revealed that they were removed.

Warzone 2 is set to bring big changes to the Warzone formula, but the reintroduction of loadouts into the game could suggest that several changes have since been made.

Previously, Insider Gaming exclusively reported on all of the DMZ missions coming to the game, which has suggested a more tactical type of way to play Call of Duty.

Are you excited about the Warzone 2 DMZ reveal?

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