Until Dawn Possibly Getting Remaster For PC, PlayStation 5

Until Dawn Samantha And Joshua

According to a new report from Dealabs, a remaster or remake might be announced for Until Dawn “within 15 days”.

Dealabs claims that “after some investigations”, they determined that Until Dawn could get a new version on both PC and the PlayStation 5. Further, Until Dawn should retain the same title for this upcoming version.

Until Dawn is an interactive survival horror game from developer Supermassive Games. It’s set at a terrifying ski lodge, and first launched in 2015.

Until Dawn Samantha At Snowy Cabin

Since Until Dawn launched nearly a decade ago, it would certainly be due for a straightforward remaster.

After all, The Last Of Us Part II Remastered just launched on January 19th with some serious improvements. And the original game only released in 2020.

But there are many games that keep the same title and still commit to a full remake or reimagining.

Supermassive Games announced last week that an Until Dawn movie adaptation is in the works. Screen Gems and PlayStation Productions are developing the film.

Annabelle: Creation’s director and writer, respectively David F. Sandberg and Gary Dauberman, will helm the Until Dawn movie.

Until Dawn was already cinematic to begin with, and it even featured major Hollywood actors. Supermassive Games continued that trend with subsequent games, such as The Quarry.

Some fans have questioned the need for a movie based on such a cinematic game. But new performances, and surely some new twists, could be entertaining.

Since Supermassive Games confirmed a new movie is coming up, revisiting the source material would make a lot of sense.

Dealabs added that an Until Dawn announcement for PlayStation 5 would also line up with the Death Stranding 2 news they reported. So, keep an eye on PlayStation’s next State of Play.

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