New Death Stranding 2 News “Imminent”, Report Claims

According to a new report from billbil_kun on Dealabs, another announcement for Death Stranding 2 is coming soon, possibly “within the next 15 days”.

The report claims they are “100% sure of” the announcement. It also suggests that Death Stranding 2’s new reveal could line up with PlayStation’s upcoming State of Play.

This is supported by a recent tweet from Hideo Kojima’s assistant. In the accompanying image, they appear to be editing a State of Play trailer video for Death Stranding 2.

Dealabs also speculated about the potential full title for Death Stranding 2.

Death Stranding 2 was first revealed at The Game Awards in 2022, with the title “DS2”. However, Dealabs claims the full title will be “Death Stranding 2 – On The Beach”.

Dealabs only cites “recent discoveries” as their source for the title, but billbil_kun has been consistently reliable.

The full title may seem a little clunky for some, especially compared to the simple DS2. But perhaps something was lost in translation.

Either way, if the anticipated sequel’s full title does include ‘On The Beach’, it would hint at some potential gameplay.

It could involve a new island to explore, or even sailing on open water. Traveling the seas would certainly be a compelling way to build on the existing lore and maintain the same atmosphere.

The original game featured some incredible landscapes, using vast natural areas for immersive pacing and isolation.

In a world where the journey is so important, seas and the beachfront are natural additions.

Death Stranding 2 will release on the PlayStation 5. But there is currently no word on plans to release on other platforms, including PC.

Last month, Kojima Productions also confirmed they would partner with A24 for a Death Stranding movie.

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