Kojima Partners With A24 For Death Stranding Movie

death stranding film

According to a new report from Variety, Hideo Kojima will officially partner with film studio A24 for the live-action movie adaptation of Death Stranding.

The adaptation was first confirmed last year, though few details about the story were actually revealed. However, it is expected to explore new characters and ideas.

Death Stranding Baby

Today’s report includes an official synopsis from A24 and Kojima Productions, but it doesn’t add much. The studios did tease that their adaptation would “delve into the mysteries surrounding the apocalyptic event”.

This hints that the story might include more origin details. The lore is certainly rich enough to flesh out, from the enemies to the various areas that players discover.

A24 is likely an excellent choice of partner. Their brand has consistently aimed for experimental filmmaking, while also focusing on a personal story.

In fact, their movies are so distinguishable, that fans can get a clearer idea of what tone the Death Stranding adaptation might have.

Fans may recognize A24 for movies like The Witch and Everything Everywhere All at Once. A24 is also building buzz for their upcoming thriller Civil War, which releases next year.

Although some A24 films have divided fans, the studio is willing to take risks. That’s something the film industry doesn’t pursue as much anymore. When A24 delivers, it can offer something truly memorable.

Now that A24 has been confirmed, hopefully the studios will begin announcing more details on the cast and crew.

It’s unclear if Norman Reedus and other actors would reprise their roles. It would certainly be a sensible move, since they’re already perfect for their part.

As the studios announce some of the fresh characters and cast, fans will also get a better idea of the plot.

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