Fort Solis Film And TV Adaptations Announced

Fort Solis Jack Leary

Developer Fallen Leaf Studio has officially announced that sci-fi thriller Fort Solis will be adapted into film and TV.

According to a new blog post, a production deal has been signed with Studios Extraordinaires. This partnership is intended to explore “new gateways and avenues”.

An adaptation is already in active development, and more details about the film and TV plans will be “unveiled in the months ahead”.

Fort Solis featured performances from the iconic Roger Clark, Troy Baker, and Julia Brown in a small and memorable cast. They reinforced the grounded, gritty impact of the narrative.

Studios Extraordinaires’ new blog praises the actors, but they have not confirmed who the cast would be for any film or TV adaptations.

This move appears to focus on expanding the Fort Solis universe. So, there will likely be plenty of original characters to cast, as well.

Studios Extraordinaires doesn’t have an extensive filmography to consider. But they clearly have a strong interest in gaming.

The studio also plans to adapt the Expeditions universe from Infinite Mana Games. Expeditions is a code name for Infinite Mana Games’ debut project.

Though Expeditions has remained secretive, fans do know that it will resemble an isometric action RPG, built with Unreal for PC and Xbox. Studios Extraordinaires has confirmed their adaptation of Expeditions will be live action.

Studios Extraordinaires doesn’t state outright that Fort Solis adaptations would only feature live action content. So, animated films and television series are still on the table to delve into further lore.

Fort Solis is already a deeply cinematic experience, with potent mythology that is ripe for more. It will be interesting to see if Fallen Leaf Studio’s game development will crossover with these Fort Solis adaptations.

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