Everyone Is Obsessed With The GTA 6 Bikini Girl

bikini girl gta 6

It doesn’t matter that Rockstar Games teased the next generation of Grand Theft Auto last week. It’s not important how incredible the trailer looked or how technologically stunning the game was revealed to be. No, all that pales in comparison to the real talking point: the GTA 6 ‘Bikini Girl’. She has become the most interesting thing about the trailer, apparently – and people can’t get enough of her.

Is Bikini Girl Lucia?

Since the trailer dropped, social circles have been ablaze with a voracious debate: is Bikini Girl the new protagonist, Lucia? In the trailer, we see the Bikini Girl appear for mere seconds as she whirls around in designer swimwear, gives a flick of her sumptuously animated hair, and plants a hand on her hips.

Admittedly, she bears a strong resemblance to the game’s all-new main character, Lucia, but there are many fans of the franchise who aren’t convinced.

On YouTube, the reveal of Bikini Girl has become the most replayed moment from the entire minute-and-a-half trailer. It’s not the panoramic shots of the city, the glimpses that we get at the game’s major characters, or the densely-packed, ‘small detail’ scenes – it’s Bikini Girl who everyone wants to see over and over again.

Check out the trailer below – Bikini Girl appears at 00:37

At this rate, people won’t care about Trailer 2 before they get confirmation from Rockstar Games whether Bikini Girl is Lucia.

What do you think?

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