How Many People Are Playing Palworld Now? Palworld Player Count Here.

palworld player count

Palworld became a worldwide sensation from the day it was released on January 19. Within less than a week, it had secured more than seven million sales and skyrocketed to the top of streaming and gaming charts the world over. With a vast open-world map to explore with friends, bases to build, a character to customise, and more than 100 Pokémon-like creatures to capture and fight, it has instantly won over tens of millions of players with ease, sending the Palworld player count sky-high.

It seems like the game just can’t slow down – how many people are playing Palworld now? Read on to find out.

How Many People Play Palworld?

Palworld is available on Xbox and PC – it’s on the Game Pass subscription service, which is a huge win for anyone that is currently a member. It’s tough to get the Palworld player count for Xbox platforms, but it’s possible to get a perfect insight of how the game is performing on Steam. It’s believed that this is the leading platform for Palworld, as the concurrent player count has smashed past two million in almost no time at all.

By numbers, it’s the second highest-played game on Steam ever.

Here’s a near-live Palworld player count from Steam:

Palworld isn’t free to play – it has a price tag associated with it, unless you’re a Game Pass member. That’s another reason why it’s so surprising that Palworld has pulled in so many players so quickly.

So, that’s how many people are playing Palworld. Are you one of them?

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