Ubisoft’s “Project Q” Has Been Canceled

Insider Gaming has learned that Ubisoft’s Battle Arena title, codenamed Project Q has been canceled.

The title was scheduled to have a series of upcoming playtests in the first half of this year, but a developer update has revealed that the project is no longer in development.

Last week, Ubisoft announced that three unannounced projects had been canceled, but Project Q was announced officially following a report from myself in early 2022.

Insider Gaming has asked for clarification if Project Q is one of the three canceled games that were announced, but we are yet to receive an official comment.

As described officially, the game has “one single goal in mind: FUN” and doesn’t feature a Battle Royale. However, footage of the game provided to Insider Gaming showed a gamemode named “Showdown”, which featured many mechanics from a Battle Royale experience.

In the announcement of the cancelation, Ubisoft posted to its playtester #announcements channel on Discord:

“Hey @everyone

We hope you are all well and safe. We want to start by saying how amazing this group has been since we started. We’ve shared so many great moments and we cherish the
relationships we have built with all of you. We have gone through so many amazing moments together that will stay in our memory.

The first closed test was a great milestone for us because of all the work put in from the team, your amazing support, and your great reception! We loved the amazing energy on this discord, it was our fuel for the project. Your feedback was a true gift and allowed us to grow as developers in order to do our best for you, our players.

All these warm moments make this announcement harder to make: sadly we have to cancel our upcoming closed tests as Project Q will no longer continue development. This also means that we will need to shut down this Discord server.

We don’t have further information to communicate right now but we want to thank you all for your passion and your love for Project Q. All your messages and support has meant the world to us and has been a major boost for our teams since the beginning.

We will be closing this discord server in the upcoming days. But until then please share your memories and most memorable moments with us and we will gladly relay the messages to the team. It was an amazing ride for us, and we’ll keep an incredible memory of it.
We wish you all the best for the future.

Our warmest regards,
The Project Q Dev Team”

In a report earlier this week, Insider Gaming learned that Ubisoft has at least a dozen Battle Royale games in development at this same time at one point.

We’ll update the article if Ubisoft provides comment.

UPDATE – Ubisoft has confirmed to VGC that Project Q has been canceled.

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