Ubisoft’s “Project Q” Battle Arena Title Ramps Up Playtesting

Insider Gaming sources have provided information and documents showing the ramp-up in playtesting for Ubisoft’s Battle Arena title codenamed ‘Project Q’.

First leaked by myself early last year (via eXputer), Project Q is Ubisoft’s take on a Battle Arena title. Soon after the leaks, Ubisoft officially announced that the game was in development.

Insider Gaming understands that three extensive playtests will take place over the coming months; one in late January, one in April, and one in June. It’s believed each of these tests will be around one week in length.

You can sign up for Ubisoft playtesting and other playtesting opportunities by visiting our extensive guide that contains all the signup links you need.

Unfortunately, details on what the playtests entails are scarce, but one source at Ubisoft had said that the game has seen significant changes since its last test.

As described officially, the game has “one single goal in mind: FUN” and doesn’t feature a Battle Royale. However, footage of the game provided to Insider Gaming showed a gamemode named “Showdown”, which featured many mechanics from a Battle Royale experience. It’s unknown if “Showdown” has been removed from the game or not.

Project Q’s “Battle Zone” gamemode sees two teams of four battle for control in a point-capture mode that appeared to be the game’s main mode during its initial playtest.

Ubisoft has also confirmed that the title will not feature any NFT’s, but its monetization model has not yet been specified.

Are you looking forward to Ubisoft’s Project Q?

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