Apex Legends’ 4-Year Anniversary – Season 16 Named “Revelry” & Wraith Heirloom Event Details

Insider Gaming sources have revealed new information on Apex Legends’ Season 16 with will kick off its fourth anniversary. The new Season, named Revelry, will start with an anniversary event on February 14.

Prior to the event, players will be able to take part in the “Celestial Sunrise Collection Event” which includes 24 Collection event items. As a part of the event, it’s expected that the rumored “Hardcore” game mode, where players are only given white shields with a maximum damage zone will release as well.

Insider Gaming can also exclusively reveal Apex Legends’ next event, scheduled to release on March 7, 2023. The event named the “Imperial Guard Collection Event” will contain the rethemed Wraith heirloom that has been rumored to be coming to the game for some time.

It’s understood that EA is expecting the Imperial Guard event to do extremely well as Wraith is currently the highest-picked legend according to their internal data.

Ape Legends has seen revived popularity in recent weeks with many Call of Duty creators moving over to the Battle Royale experience due to the lack of apparent support in Warzone 2.

Earlier this week, EA announced an Apex Legends Skillbased Matchmaking overhaul for its players via the official EA blog.

Are you excited for Apex Legends Season 16?

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  1. It’s already “hardcore” as it is with the damn extremely skilled players in pubs and ranked! For instance my “skills” will NEVER improve because it’s to challenging to battle a team that is diamond and up when I and millions of others are stuck in gold or lower because we can’t move up because of them. I believe that every rank should only battle the SAME TIER/RANK? not bronze vs gold or gold vs platinum. It just doesn’t make sense and plus the godly players with ZERO recoil (not cheating they are just good) have an advantage over ppl like me that end up dying in what seems like a few shots with full purple and health. I uninstalled season 15 and will NOT be coming back until it is fixed but I think respawn would rather focus on collection events that costs a whopping $240.00 that’s greedy and their “pros” keep them with lots of views on popular social media places like Twitch. I miss games where microtransactions weren’t a thing and you only paid for dlc and you EARNED in-game content. Not having to use my debit card for a skin that costs 20+ lol. The devs sit on their ass and make it at a computer. It’s not that complicated to create. It’s all about the money anymore and the damn ppl that are gullible enough to buy the stuff are just as selfish in my opinion

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