Apex Legends Hardcore LTM is on The Way, Datamines Suggests

Apex Legends may be getting a Call of Duty-style Hardcore mode, new leaks have implied.

Information on the new limited-time mode was shared on Twitter by iLootGames. The image details the rules for Hardcore Royale, a new mode that promises “higher stakes and harsher punishments” than traditional play.

Similar to Hardcore playlists in Call of Duty, Hardcore Royale would reduce the information available to players on their HUD and limit the health and protections available.

According to the leak, all players will be restricted to Level 1 Armor (Non-Evo), with no helmets and no ability to swap armor either. The ring will also be beefed up, dealing maximum damage right from the start of the game. 

A second image shared by iLootGames includes further details. Weapon ammunition and attachments will only display when you actively inspect your weapon, and survey beacons have been made more valuable by also revealing the number of squads remaining in the current match.

If the mode reaches release, it’s clear that information, planning, and clear communication will play a huge role in the success of teams. Diving in to contest a fight as a third party will also come at a greatly increased risk, with minimal protections available should a fight go south.

According to iLootGames, the Apex Legends Hardcorde mode is set to arrive extremely soon, debuting on January 24.

Are you excited to dive into an Apex Legends Hardcore LTM?

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