All 11 Ubisoft Games to be Released in the Upcoming Year

Sources have provided Insider Gaming with a list of all 11 Ubisoft games that are expected to be released by the publisher in the Fiscal Year 2024 (April 2023 – March 2024).

  • The Division Heartland (Free to Play) – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna

    Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland is a Free-to-Play survival-action multiplayer shooter, set in a fictional small-town Middle America. Explore hostile Silver Creek as you fight alongside and against other trained agents to save the forgotten heartland of America. Find out more here.

  • Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna

    Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora™ is a first-person, action-adventure game developed by Massive Entertainment – a Ubisoft studio, in collaboration with Lightstorm Entertainment and Disney. Find out more here.

  • xDefiant (Free to Play) – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna

    XDefiant is a free-to-play, fast-paced arena shooter that combines intense gunplay with personalised loadouts and specialised factions, as teams of gunfighters battle for domination. Find out more here.

  • Assassin’s Creed Mirage – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna

    In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you are Basim, a cunning street thief with nightmarish visions seeking answers and justice. Join an ancient organization and come to understand a new creed – one that will change Basim’s fate in ways he never could have imagined. Find out more here.

  • Skull & Bones – PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna

    The world of Skull and Bones is a treasure trove to explore as you sail to the furthest reaches of the Indian Ocean. From the coasts of Africa to the East Indies discover distinct regions each with its own unique ecosystems. Find out more here.

    Skull and Bones has seen significant development trouble since the game started development in 2013.

  • Project Orlando (The Crew) – Unknown Platforms

    Not yet officially announced, Project Orlando started as The Crew 2 DLC, but quickly turned into a standalone title. Taking place on an Hawian island, Project Orlando could be named “Motorfest” and is aimed to compete (or fill the gap) with Forza Horizon.

    Sources tell Insider Gaming that the announcement of Project Orlando is expected in the coming weeks/months and is the “yet-to-be-announced major IP” to release in FY24.

  • Assassin’s Creed Nexus – Oculus 2

    Insider Gaming has reported on many details surrounding Assassin’s Creed Nexus, which is arguably one of Ubisoft’s worst-kept secrets. It’s understood that Ubisoft is waiting on Meta approval in order for marketing to begin. Find out more here.

  • The Division Resurgence Mobile

    The Division Resurgence brings the acclaimed gameplay experience of the franchise to mobile! Enjoy a AAA experience featuring a new storyline set in the massive urban open-world of New York City. Test your skills in the infamous PVP modes of the franchise, Dark Zone and Conflict. Find out more here.

  • Rainbow 6 Mobile – Mobile

    From the acclaimed Rainbow Six franchise, Rainbow Six Mobile is a free-to-play competitive, multiplayer first-person shooter experience on your phone. Find out more here.

  • Assassin’s Creed Codenamed Jade – Mobile

    Create your own assassin as you leap into Assassin’s Creed Codename JADE, a brand-new mobile open-world game set in Ancient China! Discover the Assassin’s Creed open-world experience optimized for a seamless experience with touch controls. Parkour on the Great Wall, sneak through bustling cities, discover secret locations, and journey through diverse environments with Ancient China as an epic backdrop.

  • Assassin’s Creed Netflix Collaboration Mobile

    On top of a forthcoming live-action series, Netflix and Ubisoft are joining forces to create an original Assassin’s Creed mobile video game. The game will be exclusive to Netflix and won’t feature any ads or in-app purchases. 

As for if all these games will release in their forecasted times or not remains to be seen, but if you’d like to Playtest one of these games, check out our guide on How to Become a Playtester.