Three Xbox Game Pass Games for February 2024 Leaked

Resident Evil 3 Remake

According to a new report from Dealabs, the Xbox Game Pass will add PlateUp, Resident Evil 3, and Madden NFL 24 in the first half of February.

The report does not confirm any release dates. However, in December 2023, publisher Yogscast Games revealed a new release date trailer for PlateUp.

Its new release date is delayed to February 15th, and Delabs claims it will launch onto Game Pass on day one.

Fans expect Xbox to officially announce the next Game Pass lineup later today. But Xbox has not confirmed anything yet.

Dealabs reportedly uncovered these titles after their “latest investigations”. However, reporter Billbil-Kun has consistently provided accurate leaks.

Dealabs successfully leaked major spoilers for PlayStation’s most recent State of Play. This includes the Until Dawn remaster, and even the news and full title for Death Stranding 2.

Adding the Resident Evil 3 remake from 2020 should definitely please Xbox fans. Capcom’s remake still has strong ratings on Steam, years after launch.

The Resident Evil franchise continues to expand its remakes. And a report in December confirmed that Capcom plans to continue developing remakes for the series.

Craig Burnatowski, who voiced Albert Wesker in the latest remakes, also recently hinted that another Resident Evil game could be in the works.

Naturally, Madden NFL 24 is also a smart move. This year, the Super Bowl will begin on February 11th. A Madden Game Pass release would definitely capitalize on sports hype.

However, Madden NFL 24 does have some very mixed reviews. Fans gave it an Overwhelming Dislike on Metacritic, and it didn’t fare much better on Steam.

Hopefully, an official Xbox announcement will round out the upcoming Game Pass update with some hidden gems, too.

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