Capcom Plans to Keep Remaking Resident Evil Games

Yasuhiro Anpo has officially confirmed that Capcom will continue remaking Resident Evil titles, according to a new IGN report. Naturally, Anpo remained vague about the next remake, which will be announced “in the future”.

This is an unsurprising move, following the enormous success of multiple remakes. Resident Evil 4 has maintained Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam since it launched earlier this year.

It would be sensible for Capcom to basically continue printing money, and these Resident Evil remakes also reintroduce new generations to the franchise. The older games have also been stifled by some outdated mechanics.

However, it does seem like Resident Evil could slow down a bit to accommodate so many remakes. Fortunately, a Resident Evil insider recently claimed that remakes aren’t coming in 2024.

This should be a relief for fans who might have been frustrated with the intense focus on revisiting old games. Ideally, Capcom won’t lose too much interest in expanding the existing lore for longtime players.

Fans are left to speculate on the next remake. Many have already agreed with IGN’s suggestion that Resident Evil – Code: Veronica would likely be next.

Code: Veronica was originally released on the Sega Dreamcast. Modern gamers are probably unaware of that console altogether, so Code: Veronica is long overdue for a remake. It has some inventive twists for the series, and memorable characters.

However, Code: Veronica certainly shows its age. It could use many more updates than the likes of Resident Evil 5, which is another obligatory remake that will surely be announced soon.

Also, Code: Veronica’s position in the Resident Evil timeline would be fitting for new players to experience next. It’s a nice opportunity to tidy up the narrative for newcomers.

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