GTA 6 Trailer Coming December 5, Rockstar Reveals

gta 6 trailer

That’s it – Rockstar Games has revealed that the GTA 6 trailer will drop on December 5 at 9 AM ET, putting an end to the speculation of when, where, and how it will be released. It was just weeks ago that the legendary firm announced it would be revealing the next generation of Grand Theft Auto in December, and now, we know when.

Not The Game Awards, Then

It was widely believed that the GTA 6 trailer would drop during The Game Awards on December 7, but it’s obvious now that that isn’t going to happen. It’s likely there’s nothing related to Grand Theft Auto 6 being reserved for TGA, but that’s not a bad thing. On December 5, we’ll finally know — we’ll finally have the answer to (most of) our GTA 6-related questions.

In a Rockstar Games newswire post, it was revealed with a simple holding message that ‘Trailer 1’ is coming on December 5, which means that there are obviously more trailers planned for release further down the line. This will typically be an introduction to the core concept and setting, and we’ll likely get deep dives later on.

It’s not known if we’ll get a release window during this trailer, but we can keep our fingers crossed.

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