Ballad of Gay Tony Character Returning to GTA

ballad of gay tony

In 2009, The Ballad of Gay Tony was released as a sizeable expansion to 2008’s GTA IV. It was the second such expansion that followed The Lost and Damned, and it offered up a separate story with an all-new protagonist, bringing several improvements, additions, and brand-new mechanics to the base game. It has been revealed in the latest Rockstar Newswire that one of the game’s most humourous characters is making a grand return to the franchise.

The Sultan of Amir

It has been confirmed that Yusuf Amir, the ostentatious and hilarious real estate developer from The Ballad of Gay Tony, will appear in GTA Online following the application of the impending December update.

This is what was written in the Newswire update:

This Winter’s GTA Online update heads straight into the heart of the Los Santos street crime landscape: stealing, stripping, and selling the most in-demand vehicles. Take on these new action-packed robberies on behalf of a familiar face who has ventured west — illustrious Liberty City real estate developer Yusuf Amir.

Yusuf still lusts after the finer things in life — chief among them adding to his collection of luxury import vehicles by any means necessary. With the help of his cousin Jamal, you’ll be charged with planning and executing intricate, high-stakes robberies under the cover of Red’s Auto Parts, a new purchasable salvage yard where you’ll call the shots. Sell the best of the best to Yusuf or salvage your boosted vehicles for parts — the choice, and the cash, is yours.

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, Yusuf Amir provided lighthearted relief, being voiced by comedian and actor, Omid Djalili. It’s not known if Djalili is returning to voice Amir in GTA Online, as the actor’s IMDB page doesn’t reference the role, and only mentions the original performance in 2009.

It’s expected that the December update for GTA Online will be sizeable, bringing wildlife to the multiplayer platform, introducing new drift races, and a festive-themed, limited-time event.

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