Flute Guy Is Officially Returning To The Game Awards

flute guy

It doesn’t matter if Grand Theft Auto 6 is revealed or if the stage is stormed once again, the most important factor of The Game Awards 2023 has just been revealed by Geoff Keighley. That’s right – Pedro ‘Flute Guy’ Eustache is making an epic return to the showcase this year to bless us with his stunning musical talents.

Flute Guy Returns

At last year’s TGA event, a live orchestra performed over the top of the trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but the star of the show was definitely Flute Guy. He switched between instruments several times, was immensely passionate about his music, and refused to sit still throughout his entire performance, bopping around our screens with reckless glee.

Here’s a snapshot of his – I mean of the orchestra’s performance:

Geoff Keighley just took to social media to reveal that, on December 7, Pedro Eustache will make his grand return as part of The Game Awards’ orchestra, but what trailer they’ll be covering is anyone’s guess. Rest assured he’ll likely be front and center, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he suddenly busted out a flute solo, or something.

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