Call of Duty’s DMZ Mode is Officially Dead


That’s it, it’s over. It has been confirmed by Infinity Ward that DMZ – Call of Duty’s stab at an extraction shooter – has died after just one year online. It was released alongside Warzone 2.0 in November 2022, and a year later, it’s being kept on life support. Going forward, no more updates will be applied to DMZ, and while it’ll remain accessible through Warzone, it won’t offer players anything new.


In a blog post talking about the future of DMZ, it was confirmed that the mode will remain playable on old maps only, and it won’t be ported into Urzikstan. That’s because this year’s COD Zombies offering is effectively a DMZ mode in itself – but instead of surviving against other players, you’re tasked with slaying hordes of bloodthirsty, undead freaks.

Here’s what was said in the blog post:

The mode will not be available or interact directly within Modern Warfare III or Call of Duty: Warzone which means that progression and any new Modern Warfare III or Warzone content, including Battle Pass or store bundles, will not sync or carry back into this DMZ mode. Also, DMZ progress will not apply to new Battle Passes beginning with Season 1.

Following this move, we can expect DMZ to be slowly wound down until, a few months into the lifecycle of Modern Warfare 3, it’s inevitably shut down forever, marking the end of Infinity Ward’s little experiment. It’s a shame because the mode was quite entertaining, but it tried unsuccessfully to capitalise on the growing popularity of the extraction shooter genre, which has long since been popularised by Escape From Tarkov.

Will you miss DMZ?

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  1. That so dumb DMZ was the best part of cod it turned none players into fans zombies is the weakest shit ever made boring asl stupid shit DMZ was better then the whole cod3

  2. unsuccessfully? It was/is by far the best extraction shooter out there. With only a couple of tweaks it could have been a standalone game every bit as successful and compelling as Warzone. The real mystery is how they squandered this opportunity and threw away the best game in the genre in favor of the yawn-fest Zombie DMZ knockoff. It’s laughable.

  3. It is possible the only mode I play so I guess when DMZ ends so will my COD experience which I have really enjoyed. Mandalorian

  4. Well, this sucks. DMZ was my favorite mode and while this was expected, I was hoping it would carry over at some point. MWZ is ok, but has already gotten a little stale for me without the pvp option.

  5. Yeah I will and I’m fucking pissed right off. Some of us put so many hours into dmz, bought bundles and packs for dmz all to get ass raped yet again by Activision. I’ll never give them another penny!

  6. DMZ is the only reason I play COD. I still think the game is playable. But I’m upset we don’t even get new guns.

    I don’t care for zombie mode at all, it looks like it’s for little kids since it has 0 pvp, 0 story and I don’t think it even has puzzles. Just shooting a.i is boring.

    At least some games like Zelda have so much more than just “kill monsters”.
    Or even having a giant map like Skyrim makes a game interesting to me.
    A small map killing zombies sounds so boring… DMZ was a great balance of PVP and casual.

  7. Too bad, DMZ was the only reason I and many others played. No point in buying MW3 now. Adios.

    1. Zero story? Tell me you haven’t played even a single zombies game. Also Puzzles? Try easter eggs. The only puzzle DMZ had was the heated madness blueprint, which wasn’t even a thing till season 3 or 4. And even then, players just camped exfil elevators with fire broadside shotties so they can take them off people who actually did the work. The COD community ruined DMZ, that’s why activision isn’t working on it anymore. I’ve had better community interaction in MWZ in the last week than any interaction I’ve had since mw2019.

      1. If you wanted to run around for an hour killing zombies mindlessly then i guess zombies is for you. but its nothing compared to going in solo aquiring a GPU and having to exfil fill with it while 3 other parties are fighting it out over the last extraction point!!
        DMZ was and is the best mode COD has ever had, seasoned veterans turned away from multiplayer and warzone to play this mode religiously. Understand its a developers nightmare to keep it updated but i cant see zombies holding the same interest levels for long as DMZ

  8. Well sucks for them I guess because I was a bundle buyer… I had issues but I only played DMZ. Cod won me back with the mode but zombies isn’t doing it for me and since Battle pass won’t be applied… I’m done. Killed another whale activision, good job and ty for saving me tons of money.

  9. So all the extra player slots we paid for will be gone. So do we get our cash back. I love DMZ but who cares if people have spent a few hundred or even thousands getting new guns . Extra slots ect. We have spent it all, we gave you more glitches every week and still they wanted more . So to make sure everyone hates DMZ we will leave them still in the game .

  10. I have not, nor will I purchase MW3. Activision has lost the cycle of variety of game types and styles that they once had with 3 developers. DMZ was an enjoyable variation from the new norm, and now it’s given over to zombies, which is an overdone genre. We used to have Black Ops, MW, and COD du jour. Now we have Warzone and things tacked onto WZ! And he tacked on things are a memory lane of remakes, like a return of the Brady Bunch living room, only with 4K tech and colors!
    Enough nostalgia with cheat and glitch fix promises. Get back the creative consciousness that was GAMEPLAY and quit trying to impress me with your pixels.
    DMZ was creative, challenging, and loaded with variations of challenges, for singles and squads.
    In my opinion, the real zombies aren’t in the game. They’re in the credits and holding controllers.
    Lift the standards back to a living game.

  11. DMZ was why I played COD MWII… and I guess it’ll be why I will never play MWIII. Whomever had this decision to make screwed the pooch, big time.

  12. It may be time to rally the troops together and pull another round of pump and dump on Activision just like AMC/Blockbuster. Send them a message that they will actually pay attention to. A company this large continually screws its customers with every iteration of it’s little “profit pig” game. Think of all the $ they raked in during WZ1, only to mothball the servers. People paid good money for items in their clear cut PTW concept, only for it to disappear. At least EA allows people to host their own Battlefield servers so the previous versions can remain alive. Now they’re doing it again. I haven’t given them a Penny since the NickMercs scandal and now this. Way to NOT know your audience AV, maybe you’ve run your course and the curtain is falling.

  13. loved dmz, until getting rolled from behind while trying to do a mission and losing everything was happening every game. the cod community is way to toxic for a game like that. half the people playing dmz are just trying to get easy kills for no reason just to be D bags and ruin others experience, camping ex fills and just bounty hunting other teams cause they can’t compete in warzone anymore. activision has only made changes to encourage this style of play(what’s new). so they lost all their real players and killed it. was a heavy early player in dmz and haven’t played in months. not surprised one bit it failed. can’t have a game like that in a community as toxic as CoD

  14. Wasted my money on mw3 for zombies, which is constantly glitched by players, crashes all the time, extremely laggy. (Cold war version was better). DMZ was the best option for an alternative mode, just need new maps and a new variety of missions. Brought many players together and is one of the best modes available. Reconsider you decisions before many stop buying COD games in general.

  15. What a let down. Like others DMZ was my favorite. To be honest when I first started playing I didn’t understand why they had all these other modes in the game, because dmz was so awesome. Hahaha . I sunk a few $ into it, thankfully not as much as I wanted to. I tried liking Zombies but at the end, there is very little involved, just shoot a pile of bots swarming you. Same thing every time.

    Where do I go next? I am not into gaming and DMZ was all I played. Anyone tell me where I can find something similar?

    1. I recommend Hunt: Showdown. It’s similar to DMZ, but with smaller scale (12 players per instance), different theme (set in 1890, with unique set of weapons of that era), and different AI enemies (zombies with a bit of variety).

  16. Great another reason to dislike and ignore MWIII. It went from a massive DLC for MWII to a rushed mess of a full CoD

  17. Dmz has been the beginning middle and end of cod for me recently. I was a keen player from 2003 till original black ops after which the genre went from realistic to jumping flying idiots and such like. I didn’t care for the ptw style it went, if anything we found it a more compelling challenge to find, kill and steal these paid players items we had no access to. There’s no better feeling than to dispossess some twat of his paid weapons. Zombies are for kids! Strange choice considering the age related content of such a game. Killing dmz is isn’t a mistake it is a calamity. I’d have happily bought mw3 to continue my dmz experience. It feels like you’ve kicked my dog! Shame on you!

  18. Problem with DMZ is after you unlock everything, full your 50 weapon and key stash and save a million bucks. Do all your missions. What’s left? Killing other players then waiting minutes to respawn (new infil for DMZ)? Then you load up all your operators, then you just use 1 operator because you don’t want to lose anything if your killed.

    I agree DMZ is awesome, i am pissed. Zombies is like Tom Clancy’s Extraction (great game BTW, another bad decision), but just a mess.

    If they marry DMZ and Tom Clancy’s Extraction somehow then it would never get boring.

    Am tired of hearing, Anyone got a liquor bottle? I need a comic book. Spend the whole game opening boxes…but they really had something. 2 games I’ve played the most was DMZ and Tom Clancy’s Extraction.

    Hope they figure it out. Zombiessocks. DMZ sucks.

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