Steam Next Fest Is Live Now – But You’ll Need To Act Fast

steam next fest

Steam’s ‘Next Fest’ event is marketed as a ‘celebration of upcoming games’, and over seven days, exclusive demos, developer showcases, and special limited-time offers will run on the platform. This year, there are hundreds of titles being touted by their respective creators on Valve’s storefront platform, and many of them simply must be experienced before the window closes.

You’ll need to be fast – 2024’s first edition of the Steam Next Fest wraps up in less than seven days.

The Best of Next Fest

There are so many games being paraded during Next Fest that it’s tough to zero in on the ‘best’ ones. In truth, every game is worthy of a spot in Next Fest – that’s the point of the celebration. This is the perfect stage for hard-working developers to showcase their creations, offering exclusive, free-to-play demos for gamers the world over to enjoy.

Here are some of the most anticipated titles you can try during Steam Next Fest:

  • Soulmask, an open-world survival title with sumptuous visuals
  • Dungeonborne, a first-person PvPvE dungeon crawler with awesome monsters
  • Lightyear Frontier, a peaceful open-world farming title rooted in a sci-fi world
  • Dread Dawn, an open-world zombie survival title with immense horde mechanics
  • Pacific Drive, a highly anticipated and spooky survival adventure featuring a car as the core mechanic
  • Gatekeeper, a fast-paced and colourful rogue-lite with great co-op mechanics
  • Star Trucker, a space-faring cargo-hauling title that’s a great twist on the truck sim style of games
  • Homeworld 3, a gorgeous sci-fi RTS that’s one of the most-wanted games on Steam right now
  • Winter Survival, an intense open-world survival title set in a bleak, wintery environment
  • Stormgate, a wildly popular RTS title that has recently smashed its Kickstarter campaign

That’s just a brief snippet showcasing what’s available during the Steam Next Fest. There are more than 1000 games just waiting to be explored – so get stuck in now on Steam.

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