The Waking Dead Destinies is Another Worst Game of The Year Contender

Sigh. Here we go again. The Walking Dead Destinies is yet another game released with game-breaking bugs, horrible cutscenes, and graphics that struggle to give Rise of Kong a run for its money.

The internet has been hit with a whirlwind of clips from The Walking Dead Destinies these past 24 hours, with purchasers expressing their frustrations.

One of the worst parts of the game that people have pointed out is its stationary cutscenes, where the characters are in freezeframe positions throughout. Here’s one clip uploaded to Twitter recently:

The cutscenes are not the only criticism either, with the gameplay itself refusing to resonate with players, with one player saying that they’re “convinced it’s an elaborate prank by the developers”.

Gameplay walkthrough content creator TmarTn2, even just referring to the game in his video description as, “The Walking Dead: Destinies is a video game…”

What’s interesting about the game though, is its publisher, GameMill Entertainment. If you’re not aware of GameMill, they recently published what’s been described as one of the worst games of 2023, Rise of Kong.

According to the developers of Rise of Kong, they were only given around one year of development time, so whether or not the developers were put under pressure for The Walking Dead Destinies remains to be seen. But with two terrible game launches in the space of a few months, it’s clear that something isn’t right.

The Walking Dead Destinies marks yet another terrible game release this year, with the likes of Rise of Kong and The Lord of The Rings Gollum also in the running for the top spot.

What do you think is the worst game release of 2023? Let us know down below.

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