COD Streamer Spends 196 Hours Unlocking Every MW3 Camo

reidboy24 every mw3 camo

It doesn’t matter if anyone ever says you ‘play too much Call of Duty’. If they do, just direct them to Reidboy24, a Call of Duty streamer who just unlocked every single weapon camo in Modern Warfare 3 – across both multiplayer and Zombies – after playing the game for 196 hours. He completed four streams lasting around 48 hours, first unlocking Interstellar and then collecting Borealis.

I think that needs to be put into context.

Why Is That So Impressive?

Well, to many, it isn’t. For many billions of people, it’s a complete waste of time, but for Reidboy24 (and countless Call of Duty fans), it’s remarkable. In the 196-hour window, Reidboy24 has unlocked every single weapon camo for every single weapon in the entire game, basically twice over. Once for Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer camos, and then again for the camos exclusive to the Zombies mode.

During this monster mission, Reidboy24 only slept for a few short sessions, and it has been claimed that no, he didn’t once take a shower (unverified). It’s not the healthiest thing in the world, but I can’t judge — I landed a Guinness World Record in 2021 for completing a Warzone marathon, so there’s that.

Kudos to Reidboy24 for having the cojones to stick it out, even with Modern Warfare 3’s punishing SBMM (and perhaps EOMM) mechanics. It takes someone with more tenacity and determination than most to tick this task off, and the exposure alone is paying off in dividends for Reidboy24.

Good game.

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