Best Games In The Steam Halloween Sale

steam halloween sale

From October 26th to November 2nd, the Steam Scream sale is live, and gamers with a taste for the macabre can take advantage of some white-hot discounted prices. From the most intense zombie apocalypse titles to the survival horror games that defined a generation, there are some offers that you’ll simply be dying to take advantage of in the Steam Halloween sale.

Here are our picks for the sale.

I Scream For Steam Scream

If you’re diving headlong into the Steam Halloween sale, you’ll want to keep an eye open for these particular games.

Maid of Sker – 71% Off

steam halloween sale

Maid of Sker truly is one of the most terrifying games you’ll ever play. It’s a heart-pounding thriller riddled with scream-inducing scares, and while playing, even a single breath can bring a world of hurt down upon your character. It’s well worth picking up in the Steam Halloween sale.

Dead Space (Remake) – 40% Off

One of the most horrifying games of all time that dominated the genre during the Xbox 360 era was remade and released again in January 2023 – Dead Space. It sold incredibly well and has been massively discounted for the Steam Halloween sale.

Resident Evil Village – 60% Off

Resident Evil Village is the most recent entry in the series (that isn’t a remake) and it boasts ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reviews on Steam. It’s a fantastic game that totes some extremely nail-biting horror sequences, which makes it perfect for the Steam Halloween sale.

The Forest – 75% Off

The Forest was a huge success for Endnight Games when it was released back in 2018. It has spawned a follow-up title, Sons of the Forest, but The Forest is where it all began. It’s one of the defining survival horror games of the generation, and it is bursting at the seams with jumpscares and creepy scenes.

Strange Brigade – 95% Off

Strange Brigade allows players to team up with their friends and go head-to-head against ‘mummified monstrosities’ in a story set in 1930s Egypt. It’s a faster-paced, more frantic game that boasts one of the biggest discounts in the Steam Halloween sale — you can pick it up for a couple of dollars.

Dead By Daylight – 60% Off

Dead By Daylight is a cult classic title at this point. It was released way back in 2016 but is still being actively expanded on today, with the developer pumping new horror-themed characters into the game regularly. There’s a vibrant and dedicated community behind Dead By Daylight, and it’s well worth a look while it’s in the Steam Scream sale.

Mortal Kombat 11 – 90% Off

If you’re not looking to invest in Mortal Kombat 1 just yet, consider picking up Mortal Kombat 11 for a few dollars in the Steam Halloween sale. It might not be typically scary, but the gore factor is off the charts in this classic fighting franchise.

Days Gone – 67% Off

Days Gone is one of the greatest zombie apocalypse games of all time, but it didn’t have the best rep when it was released on PlayStation 4 in 2019. It was ported to PC in 2021 and has gained positive reviews since then, boasting some of the most intense zombie hordes ever featured in a game, and a lengthy, emotional story that’s guaranteed to keep players engaged.

Alan Wake – 75% Off

steam halloween sale

Before jumping headlong into Alan Wake 2, consider slamming the first game – Alan Wake – in a single, spine-chilling session — it’ll only set you back a couple of dollars. It’s a thought-provoking, intense third-person horror game with some intelligent undertones – and it’s one of the top games in the Steam Halloween sale.

Dying Light 2 – 50% Off

Dying Light 2 has had a battle with the community because of the belief that it’s ‘not as good as the first one’, but from a personal standpoint, I think it’s one of the greatest zombie games ever made. There are countless updates lined up for the game by Techland, and there’s a special Halloween event live now.

Resident Evil 2 (Remake) – 75% Off

Resident Evil 2 is one of the all-time greatest horror games, and the remake that was released in 2019 only improved on what existed. It’s widely considered to be the best remade Resident Evil game in recent years, and it’s an incredibly low-priced pick for the Steam Halloween sale.

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