Remedy Outlines New Game+ Content For Alan Wake 2

alan wake 2 new game plus

It was said a few days ago that Alan Wake 2 would be getting a New Game+ update post-launch, along with various paid and free-to-access DLCs, but Remedy took to socials recently to highlight exactly what’s coming in the inevitable New Game+ expansion. There will be some sizeable changes coming with Alan Wake 2’s New Game+ DLC, transcending simply allowing players to re-experience the base game.

Alan Wake 2’s New Game+ Looks Challenging

Remedy posted an update on Twitter, explaining that Alan Wake 2’s New Game+ update will include:

  • The ability to retain all unlocked weapons and upgrades
  • A new ‘Nightmare’ difficulty level
  • New, alternative narrative, including new manuscript pages and new video content

So, this time around, New Game+ will change some of the scenes witnessed in the game, which is quite rare for the mechanic. Typically, it’ll allow players to replay the same game but with all the equipment and abilities that they managed to unlock by the end of their first playthrough.

It was then capped off by saying that the exact release date is still TBD, so it’s anyone’s guess when it’ll drop.

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