The Finals’ Open Beta Kicks Off Today

the finals AI

If you haven’t heard about The Finals, then you’ve missed out on knowing about one of the most highly anticipated shooters about to break into the market. In The Finals, players squad up and jump face-first into a high-octane, fast-paced shooter that’s all about navigating dynamic, ever-changing environments that are focused on diverse themes of combat and strategy.

Is that enough to start winning you over?

From Ex-Battlefield Developers Comes The Finals

Embark Studios’ debut title is ‘The Finals’. From their roots in the Battlefield franchise to something much more colourful and chaotic, the developers at Embark Studios had a desire to create something that would stun players with its sumptuous visuals and frenetic gameplay. Embark is headed up by the former CEO of DICE, Patrick Soderlund, and the former Chief Creative Officer at DICE, Rob Runnesson.

In parallel, Embark has also been developing ARC Raiders, but given that The Finals stepped up its pace much faster than expected, ARC Raiders has been pushed back to allow The Finals to shine.

Here’s the trailer for the open beta, in case you want a snapshot of the action you’ll be witnessing in The Finals:

It looks hyperactive, it looks chaotic, and the pacing of the game is like no other shooter out there right now. Strangely, it still manages to kind of look like a Battlefield game in some of the gunplay and destruction elements.

I’ll be taking part in the open beta, which is available from today on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and it’ll run until November 5th — will you be stepping up to try to make it to The Finals?

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