Manor Lords Launches Early 2024, Is Steam’s Third Most Wanted Game

manor lords

Manor Lords is an immersive, detailed medieval city-builder with sumptuous visuals, an authentic story, and more innovative mechanics than you can shake some kind of rudimentary, on-theme stick at. It has sat near the top of the most wishlisted games list on Steam for ages, and at the time of writing, it’s in third place overall.

Manor Lords is Coming Early 2024

It’s quite simply one of the most detailed city-building games I’ve ever seen, fusing politics and skill paths with customisation options that are nearly unparalleled. For the combat sequences, players can get up close and personal, watching as the characters in their battles clash and engage in a deeply realistic manner that is remarkably detailed for the scale of the thing.

On April 26th, 2024, Manor Lords will launch in an early access state on Steam, GOG, and on PC Game Pass — so if you have a subscription, you’ll be able to secure the game at no extra cost.

Fantastically, Manor Lords has been crafted from the ground up almost exclusively by a single developer who goes by the tag ‘Slavic Magic’. He’s backed by Hooded Horse, a publisher that specialises in RTS and strategy games, and throughout the entire development process, he has relied on community feedback to shape the game into what it is today.

There are posts on Reddit going back years that show Slavic Magic querying aspects of his game with knowledgeable communities.

I’m a small-brain guy and often don’t have the scope to stick out an RTS or a city-building sim, purely because I get disinterested too fast, but I can safely say that Manor Lords is the first game of the genre that has ever grabbed – and firmly held tight to – my attention.

You can wishlist Manor Lords on Steam and join the tens of thousands of users who have already taken up their place in the queue.

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