Dying Light 2 Is Being Kept Alive With Hefty Updates

dying light 2

Dying Light, released back in 2015, is regarded as one of the best zombie apocalypse games ever released. That accolade was never really extended to its sequel, which dropped in 2022, but Techland refuses to stop trying to build Dying Light 2 up to rival the first game’s success.

Recently, an all-new trailer was released by Techland to showcase the future of Dying Light 2 – and it seems like the Polish developer still has plenty in the tank when it comes to this particular post-apocalyptic, open-world epic.

Dying Light 2 Keeps Living

In a three-minute-long trailer, Dying Light 2’s developer, Techland, explores the future of the game. It’s a hefty look at what’s in store for those still playing Dying Light 2, and it’s probably enough that even those who have moved on might come back.

Here’s what’s coming:

For those who don’t want to sit through the trailer, we’ll summarise the key points:

  • New missions (and co-op missions)
  • Board quests
  • ‘Tower Raid’
  • Replayable GRE anomalies
  • Tolga and Fatin return!
  • Graphics options – FOV slider, bloom, motion effects
  • Quality of life improvement to weapon crafting, repair, and dismantling
  • Enhanced customisation of characters and outfits
  • New enemy types
  • More executions and finishers
  • ‘Nightmare’ difficulty
  • Advanced New Game+ additions
  • New weapon types: knives, polearms, firearms
  • Special Halloween and Winter events
  • Text chat
  • Better weather
  • Cross-generation saves

At the end of the trailer, it was boldly stated, ‘Our work on Dying Light 2 never stops.’

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