Starfield’s ‘Constellation Edition’ Revealed During Direct

constellation edition

Bethesda Game Studios has officially revealed Starfield’s collector’s edition, henceforth known as the ‘Constellation Edition’, and it looks superb. It features a limited edition watch that comes in an authentic case pulled straight from the game, a steelbook, a Constellation patch, a digital version of the game, five days of early access and digital content.

It can be argued that Starfield is the most anticipated game of the year – if not the last decade. It has been in development for several years, and over the last five years or so, we’ve been drip-fed valuable updates from Bethesda Game Studios. Now, there are fewer than ninety days until Starfield is released, and we’re all very excited.

Look to the Stars and Open Your Wallet

It has been quite a while since rumours regarding Starfield’s Constellation Edition surfaced online, but now we have a much better picture of what it’s going to look like it – and better yet, how much it’s likely to cost.

Recently, a trusted leaker revealed the price points and editions for the impending release of Starfield, and one of these was the Constellation Edition, sitting pretty with a price point of £300.

It looks absolutely flawless. If there are any budding or prospective fans of Starfield lurking out there, this surely is a must-buy.

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