Starfield’s Editions and EU Pricing Revealed, Source Claims

starfield editions

Minutes ago, one of the most prominent and accurate personalities in the game, billbil-kun, took to Twitter to reveal Starfield’s editions and their respective price points for the European region – including the highly anticipated Collector’s Edition – otherwise known as the Constellation Edition.

It’s expected that these editions will be uncovered in full during the Starfield Direct that’s taking place after the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11th, which is also when the all-new peripherals, such as the Starfield controller and headset, are expected to go on sale or be made available to pre-order.

Starfield Has Three Editions – But What Are They?

In billbil-kun’s breakdown, the pricing structure for Starfield’s editions in Europe is as follows:

  • Standard Edition
    • PC: €69.99
    • Xbox Series X|S: €79.99
  • Premium Edition
    • PC: €104.99 (est)
    • Xbox Series X|S: €114.99 (est)
  • Constellation Edition
    • PC: €299.99
    • Xbox Series X: €299.99

While the ‘middle’ prices are only estimations, billbil-kun is usually on the nose with his insider information. It was also stated that the Constellation Edition will be physical only – no digital collector’s content will be made available.

One item believed to be in the Constellation Edition of the game is a Starfield Smartwatch, which was revealed for the first time in a behind-the-scenes trailer. Images for the watch were posted by Reddit user /u/SquiddyVonn, which you can see below:

As for other content in the editions remains to be seen, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear more!

What do you think of the Starfield editions?

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