Square Enix and Microsoft’s Working Relationship Reportedly “Functionally Wrong”

The rumor mill is swirling again and it appears all may not be entirely well between Square Enix and Microsoft.

The claims were brought to light in a report from Window Central’s Jez Corden which highlights that the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection will not be available on Xbox as part of its console launch. The remastered collection contains Final Fantasy I-VI and was previously only available on Steam and mobile devices.

Corden makes mention of rumors in the industry that there is something “functionally wrong” in the working relationship between Square Enix and Microsoft. He also highlights that a very limited number of titles from Square Enix have been made available to Microsoft. As it stands there isn’t exactly a plethora of titles from Square Enix available on the console with many players having to settle for the likes of DioField Chronicle and the souls-like spin-off -which will forever be one of gaming’s best unintentional parodies – Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

There’s still no word on major titles like Final Fantasy VII: Remake making its way to Xbox despite it initially being marketed as a timed exclusive. Corden believes that the fractures in Square Enix’s and Microsoft’s relationship has played a part in this saying:

It’s quite clear that something has gone terribly wrong between Microsoft and Square Enix, to the detriment of Xbox fans who enjoy Square Enix’s titles. There’s no sign of the relationship improving any time soon either

Jez Corden via Windows Central

A major factor in the deteriorating relationship is the continued war of words and growing tension between Sony and Microsoft following their history-shattering acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft has previously claimed in an official statement that Sony has “excluded” the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI from release on Xbox which gives a substantial amount of credence to Corden’s claims. It looks like we could be returning to the days of old when Final Fantasy was a major exclusive title for Sony and PlayStation.

Are you hoping to see Final Fantasy make a return to Xbox?

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  1. Xbots can have their yearly souless call of duty while PS will have major quality Final Fantasy / Live a Live / Octopath developed with care by Developers who know their audience on PS will enjoy in contrast to Xbots where they dont give a shit to anything that doesn’t bother to go in their rental service

    1. Sorry, but is wishing a third party publisher could publish their games in more than one platform a bad thing? I’m all im for PS5s first party exclusives. Some of them are unquestionably the best games of the last decades. But that way of thinking is just so harmful to the gaming sphere that it’s just ridiculous.

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