September 2023’s PlayStation Plus Games to Include Saints Row

saints row reboot dlc

According to reputable dataminer and leaker billbil-kun via dealabs, the headlining game for September 2023’s PlayStation Plus games will be Saints Row.

The website outlines that the game will be available from September 5 to October 3, 2023, but couldn’t pinpoint the other games that will be a part of PlayStation Plus.

Saints Row received mixed reviews on its launch, with critics and the public criticizing the game due to its large number of bugs following its launch.

Subsequently, the disappointment from fans left the developers to introduce a new  ‘Sunshine Springs’ update in May 2023. For context, the blog post announcing the new update contained a whopping 10,000 words, with nearly 600 being the word ‘fixed’.

Will you be playing Saints Row in September? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Yes I will be playing!!!!! I’m a huge Saints Row fan ever since my son introduced me to the game! It’s hilarious ?

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