Saints Row Is Receiving a ‘Glow-Up’ Update on May 9th

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Saints Row’s reboot launched in June 2022, and it quickly became regarded as a fairly failed title, disappointing long-standing fans of the franchise that stretches back to 2006. However, not content with letting the game fall to the sidelines, newly-appointed developer, Gearbox, is attempting to revitalise Saints Row with a ‘glow-up’ update that’ll drop on May 9th.

A monumental blog post exceeding 10,000 words revealed that a staggering number of changes are being introduced to the Saints Row platform on the 9th of May as part of the ‘Sunshine Springs’ update. This is expected also to be the first in a long line of updates that will bring about extra content for the game, potentially giving it an entirely new lease of life.

Things Are About to Change

In November, it was revealed that Saints Row’s development cycle would be removed from Deep Silver Volition and handed to Gearbox Software, another studio under the increasingly-powerful Embracer Group.

It seems that it was a move for the better, and as the 10,000-word blog post reveals, Gearbox has been hard at work creating a whole array of new content, changes, and amendments for Saints Row.

It all kicks off with an all-new district – Sunshine Springs – which serves as the foundation of the update… Hence the name. It’s a ‘sprawling resort area’ that will bring new activities and stores, and it’s up to the player to conquer it.

There are dozens of combat changes coming to Saints Row, as per the document. Not only that but the HUD and UI have undergone changes to be more user-friendly and intuitive. There’s a brand-new emote wheel being introduced to the game, along with a selfie mode on the game’s camera application.

Then, the document highlights changes being made to the in-game playlists, missions, audio and video, camera, animation, customisation options, and NPC interactions. It’s potentially one of the most comprehensive patches or updates I’ve personally ever seen delivered in one hit.

In fact, a simple CTRL+F search for ‘Fixed’ reveals that the word is mentioned 597 times in the blog post, which is indicative of just how many bugs and errors Gearbox has addressed in its efforts to fully improve Saints Row.

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What do you think? Did you avoid Saints Row because of poor reviews and will now be investing in the game?

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  1. I got Saint’s Row for go live but didn’t have time to play it. I finally played it in January and February and thought it was really good. It has a fun, if not basic, story, but lots of fun missions and a killer soundtrack. I will definitely play the DLCs.

  2. This game still sucks no matter what they do. Unless they remove the main characters completely

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