Saints Row Reboot Receives DLC Roadmap Feat. Dead Island 2

saints row reboot dlc

In August 2022, the Saints Row reboot debuted, but within days, it became clear that the series had lost most of its comedic splendour over the course of a hiatus that lasted almost ten years. It may have looked good on the surface, but everything from the acting to the story felt drab and, ultimately, it boasted very little in the way of production value.

Now, almost out of nowhere, Volition, the game’s developer, has revealed a stacked DLC roadmap for the months ahead, including a crossover with Dead Island 2, which is published by Deep Silver, the same organisation that published the Saints Row reboot itself.

It’s… Not Over?

Let’s be honest, we’d forgotten about the Saints Row reboot, right? It didn’t receive any post-launch support – at least, nothing worth giving the time of day to – and it faded away into the abyss within a dramatically short period of time.

However, like Johnny Gat himself, the Saints Row reboot has a strong desire – it seems – to climb up from the fiery depths of failed game Hell, and it all begins with a hefty roadmap.

We knew content would be coming, because of the expansion pass, but we didn’t know when it would drop or what it would necessarily be. Now, with the reveal of a brightly-coloured graphic, Volition has lifted the lid on an entire year of content.

In April, along with the launch of Dead Island 2, fans can enjoy a cosmetic pack themed around the zombie-slaying title in Saints Row. Then, in May, there’s the first of three expansion pass-based releases, boasting all-new missions, events, and of course, cosmetics.

There’s also a free update dropping in May that’ll bring a photomode, combat overhaul, and an expansion of the game’s base map.

Then, in July, the second expansion pack drops, bringing a brand-new solo mode to the game in the form of ‘Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus’. And like in May, this drop goes hand-in-hand with a totally free update which brings… ‘new features’.

Finally, we come to August, which’ll see the third (and final?) DLC package drop, but it seems that this one is yet to be scoped out, as it doesn’t actually say what it’s titled or what it really brings. And to end it all, there’s one last, free update, which will expand the map and bring…

New features.

There’s something about this roadmap that makes me think Volition doesn’t know what those new features are just yet.

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