Diablo 4’s Full Map Teases A Vast and Expansive World To Explore

Diablo 4 full map

Diablo 4’s full map has been revealed and offers players a glimpse at the sheer magnitude and scope of the desolate world they’ll be able to explore when the game launches in earnest in June.

Blizzard has just wrapped up the Open Beta for Diablo 4 and the much anticipated MMO has left a strong first impression on players with many already touting it as a contender for best PC game of the year. The Beta only contained one of the game’s five regions to explore and while its density was impressive in its own right, the setting is a drop in the ocean compared to the positively massive map that will be available to explore in the full game.

Just How Big Is Diablo 4’s Full Map?

The scope of the map was highlighted by Window Central’s Jez Corden who highlighted the Beta’s region on the full map. From the looks of things, the Beta featured in the region is actually the smallest area on the map. The region highlighted is Fractured Peaks and featured its own events, dungeons, world boss, and a dynamic environment complete with snowy forests and ice caverns.

Diablo 4 full map

The other regions are considerably larger and promise almost limitless expansion for the MMO. The regions of the Dry Steppes and the Kehjistan Empire are found on the Western side of the map, while Scosglen, last seen in the Blizzcon 2019 demo can be found in the north. The swampy jungles of Hawezar can be found on the South East alongside Fractured Peaks.

Diablo 4’s full map in actuality only makes up the Eastern continent of Sanctuary and only makes up a third of the map’s land mass. With whole other regions and continents to explore, it seems the writing is on the wall for the world of Diablo IV to continue growing and expanding well after launch through the game’s Battle Pass.

Are you excited to get lost in the desolate world of Sanctuary?

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