All Video Game Events for September 2023 – Release Schedule

Here’s the full list of every video game event which will take place in September 2023. For more video game releases, as well as Beta dates, events, and more, check out our Gaming Calendar here.

Nintendo Live 2023 – Seattle, USA [Sept 1 – Sept 4]

For the first time, Nintendo will be bringing the previously Japan-only fan event to the USA in September 2023. Nintendo Live 2023 has been described as “an all-ages celebration of Nintendo fun” by Nintendo. The event will feature games including The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Pikmi 4, Mario Kar 8 Deluxe, Kirb, Forgotten Land, and more.

In addition to fans being able to get their hands on some of Nintendo’s most loved games, there will also be a live stage, game tournaments, photo opportunities with character meet and greets, and more.

You can find more about Nintendo Live on the official Nintendo website here.

PAX West – Seattle, USA [Sept 1 – Sept 4]

In addition to Nintendo Live, the annual PAX West show will also be taking place at the Seattle Convention Centre at the same time. The event will feature everything you’d expect from a PAX event, including hands-on with new games, developer panels, cosplay events, musical performances, and more.

This year’s feature guest at the event is nonother than retired president/COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé. Which is convenient when Nintendo Live is going on in the same building!

For more information on PAX West, you can go to their official website here.

Tokyo Game Show – Tokyo, Japan [Sept 21 – Sept 24]

The Tokyo Game Show is the biggest event of the year for Japanese developers and publishers. Unfortunately, as of late, the Tokyo Game Show hasn’t seen much in the way of massive surprise announcements due to the companies deciding to feature its reveal at bigger events like E3. However, every year there’s always one or two nice surprises that do get everyone’s attention.

For more information on the Tokyo Game Show, you can go to their official website here.

Melbourne International Games Week – Melbourne, AU [Sept 30 – Oct 8]

Melbourne International Games Week is one of the lengthier gaming events to take place, with 10 days of gaming fun to be had. Whilst there typically isn’t a lot in terms of game reveals and announcements, the event is a great place to get your hands on upcoming games. In 2022, MIGW attracted a record-breaking crowd, with close to 86,000 attendees at in-person events and more than one million from across the globe at online events.

For more information on PAX West, you can go to their official website here.

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