What Game Updates and Patches Actually do

You might be familiar with installing a patch update if you play videos, but you might not know what they actually do.

Patch updates typically will fix any issues and bugs that came to light following the release of the game or an update. In addition, patch updates are likely to include content for future DLC releases, which is why dataminers will often find new references to upcoming content following a patch update.

For example, Call of Duty and Fortnite dataminers often find content relating to future DLC (such as new seasons) following a patch update.

Patch updates also include new content for that patch too as once a new season or DLC releases, a new patch update will need to release to add the content publically to the game.

Due to the unprecedented issues that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, patch updates to fix issues following the launch of a game have become ever more prevalent.

Updates and patches are valuable for game developers

Whether it is a patch to solve an urgent game problem or an update to rectify something less pressing, both are valuable for developers. They enable them to make changes to games after release and future-proof them with security and content.

Not only are patches valuable for game developers, but they are valuable to players, too.

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